The future of collaborative community health improvement is now.

Our community social care referral networks improve the health and well-being of vulnerable individuals. 

Why We Need A Community ConneXor and its Community Resource Marketplace® Platform.

Is your staff overwhelmed with their caseload? 

Do clients have service needs you can’t meet?

Are tasks such as intake assessment and followup, documentation paper based ?.

Community ConneXor brings increased efficiency and effectiveness to community-based organizations just like yours.



We provide a collaboration platform that helps social care organizations work hand-in-hand with each other to enhance the efficiency of the community’s care delivery system.


We empower the community’s social care organizations to adopt a holistic approach that fulfills the basic needs of vulnerable clients and their families.


We transform the transactions of the social care ecosystem into meaningful and measurable data for coordinated planning on behalf of the individuals, the engaged organizations, and the community


We decrease the burden of navigation on vulnerable individuals that results from a fragmented community social care ecosystem, which is a barrier to enrollment in relevant programs to build a better and healthy life.

Social Care Organizations are operating in a “do more with less” environment with unprecedented  increasing demand for services and the need to communicate with other social care organizations and other sectors such as healthcare. 

Let us help you build capacity and bridge the gap. 

Our Solution and What We Offer

Our solution include enabling technology and services. 

Community Resource Marketplace®

Designed with all the features and capabilities you need to start transforming how your organization provides help to people in need. Our collaborative care management system centralizes, standardizes and digitizes client data for ease of tracking and communication and improved outcomes.

Social Care Referral Network

In a Hub and Spoke model, we are developing community social care referral networks, with our client social care organizations as Hubs and their referral partners as connected Spokes. The Hubs with their Spokes share information on common clients.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach optimal health . Unmet basic needs are missed opportunities for health improvement.

Start transforming the way that your organization provides help to the people who need it.