Community Resource Marketplace®

Elevating Person-Focused Social Care in Communities

Community ConneXor offers a premier collaborative technology platform, Community Resource  Marketplace®, to democratize access equity and decrease navigation burden for vulnerable individuals.  We’re on the journey to systematically close the gap in a community’s care and service coordination system to improve the overall health and well-being of individuals by:

Transforming the Transactions Of Social Service Providers into Meaningful and Measurable Data

With Community Resource Marketplace® each organization’s capacity to meet the health and social needs of vulnerable clients in an enhanced holistic approach is possible.

The organization is able to:

Designed For Community Health Improvement

Our Community Resource Marketplace® is designed with all the features and capabilities you need to start transforming how your organization provides help to the people who need it. Our coordinated management care system centralizes data for increased communication and improved social care service delivery.

We standardize data collection and reduce paperwork to give you the chance to allocate more time and resources to client interactions.  We can help community organizations of all sizes transform how they serve vulnerable individuals in their communities.

Marketplace Features

Community Resource Marketplace® is a person-focused design with quality, accountability, and value as beacons toward transforming the way organizations work together toward community health improvement.

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We believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach optimal health . Unmet basic needs are missed opportunities for health improvement.

Start transforming the way that your organization provides help to the people who need it.