Social Care Referral Network

Creating A World of Connected Community Social Care Organizations

A community’s social care organizations are essential for addressing basic needs such as housing, transportation and food.  An individual reaching out for one need such as housing or food usually has multiple needs that are cross-cutting, dynamic and require interaction with multiple organizations. While an individual’s needs are intersecting, most service organizations are not connected increasing the navigation burden on the individual client.  

Basic needs like housing, transportation, and food are also called the social determinants of health. The social determinants of health have been recognized as significant drivers of poor health and avoidable healthcare spending. Unmet social and non-medical needs account for 20 percent of annual U.S. healthcare spending. New healthcare value-based payment models that focus on the whole person are increasing the interest of health care providers in exploring ways to connect with their community of social care organizations.

"Until we fix what's wrong with our communities, we can't fix healthcare."

The Need To Bridge The Gap

Community ConneXor not only recognizes the critical need for communication between social care organizations, but the gap between social care and health care and that each local ecosystem is unique. 

We work with social care organizations to digitize their case management workflows and provide an integrated secure communication platform for data sharing. We work with organizations to first improve and transform how they work internally, then with other social care organizations around vulnerable clients partnering to build their connected referral network, and lastly with the community’s healthcare providers.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has only intensified the need for efficiency and connectivity.

Social Care Referral Network Development

We offer referral network development services to assist our social care organizations in building their connected referral network of social care organizations to optimize the use of the Community Resource Marketplace platform.

Hub and Spoke model

In a Hub and Spoke model, we are developing community social care networks with our client social care organizations as Hubs and their referral partners as connected Spokes. The Hubs with their Spokes share information on common clients. The collection of Hubs and Spokes inform the Community ConneXor Social Care Network for a local area. We have the skills, experience and technology infrastructure to build-out, on-board and continuously monitor the networks.

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We believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach optional health . Unmet basic needs are missed opportunities for health improvement.

Start transforming the way that your organization provides help to the people who need it.